Thursday, 18 March 2010

updated rewards

I missed my Monday weigh-in because I was crabby, bloated and hormonal and I knew I wasn't going to see a loss so I stayed away for my own sanity.

I peeked this morning and am on track for a teeny-tiny loss come next Monday!

I've revised my goal rewards and am going to celebrate every half stone (7 lbs for my American readers). This way I get more rewards! Plus its easier because I want to loss about 28 pounds or 2 stone so it fits nicely.

When I hit 188 - new jewellry
When I hit 181 - new shoes
When I hit 174 - facial
When I hit 167 - all new underwear
When I hit 165 - big celebration and a new pair of designer jeans

I fully envision that this will be an expensive project but eh, that's what my money is for right?

I also think when I hit the 180s I'm going to spend my gift card I've been hoarding since it expires this year and even though it was my reward for hitting goal last year it doesn't seem to have motivated me. Being in the 180s will be a major milestone regardless since I'm always fluctuating in the 190s - it was a college weight too and everytime I embark on a new diet it seems my first weigh-in goes back to that number.

180s here we come!

- CJ

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