Monday, 8 March 2010

My Latest Gadgets

I said last Monday that I’d do a post on my new smoothie maker and coffee maker – so as promised.

My routine lately has been to set my Morphy Richards coffee maker each night.  At 6am it switches on and I have lovely freshly brewed coffee as soon as I wake up.  I drink half (4 cups) with half a cup of milk while I’m getting ready.


Then I put the other half in the fridge to make iced coffee.  I take the other half from the day before as iced coffee to the office with another half cup of milk to sip throughout the morning.  I find coffee and milk really filling so it stops me from aimlessly snacking all morning.

Then I blend up my green smoothie in my Kenwood  Smoothie 2Go.  I love this thing – it makes the smoothies directly in the travel mug so once it’s done I just throw it in my bag and take it to the office to sip alongside my coffee.


For 4 points total, it’s a pretty filling breakfast even if it is all liquid!

- CJ

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