Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday food diary

Breakfast was a green smoothie

  • banana 1.5pt
  • milk 1pt
  • ice
  • spinach


2-egg omelette (with extra egg whites 0pts) with Babybel light 4pts and ketchup 0.5pts

Lunch was a mushroom burger 2pts, wrap 2.5pts, yellow pepper 0pts and mustard 0pts and an iced latte 1pt

Dinner was another wrap 2.5pts, light mayo 0.5pts, tuna 2.5pts and mustard 0pts

Followed by another green smoothie 2pts because last night I discovered xanthan gum and OMG it makes smoothies so thick and luscious!

A delicious day of eats for 20 points – did I earn any activity points this week? No – today in fact I’ve spent most of the day on the sofa catching up on Biggest Loser and other TV shows that I just don’t get to see during the week.  It’s been blissfully lazy!

QOTD: Do you struggle with weekend eating when it’s less structured?

- CJ 

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