Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Different than failing - it just feels like I'm flailing about slightly on my plan already.

I completed the full week of tracking and eating on points until yesterday's weigh-in and then last night, whether through boredom or some ridiculous disappointment in ONLY a one-pound loss, I strayed.

I'd eaten only 12 points during the day but then had whole foods' brown rice vegan sushi, a goats cheese and mesclan side salad and a 5.5 point chocolate bar. In all seriousness, it probably wasn't that bad points-wise and I've certainly binged on worse!

So today I'm picking myself back up, my bag is packed with the most delicious looking green monster - I put in a little extra xanthan gum (I've got a special gum post going up later) and its super-thick! I've got salsa chicken, a wrap and salad for lunch and two snacks plus my iced coffee.

Today is going to be fine. I'm going to be fine, just fine.


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