Sunday, 5 April 2009

ONEderland - take 2

So, after my excitement at entering ONEderland that week, I weighed in the next week and was back to 205.3. I know I didn't gain 6lbs overnight, but it was still hard to see that number pop up on the scale.

I weigh in on Thursdays, and I didn't actually send the number to Angie straight away. I thought I'd try again on Friday, and then Saturday, and then Sunday and nothing was budging and I contemplated 'forgetting' to send in my weigh-in results but then I decided that's not really the point of the game. So I owned my 6lb gain, and sent them off.

As luck would have it, Monday morning, the scales actually moved a little and this Thursday I was down to exactly the same weight once more. ONEderland...take 2!

Unfortunately this week hasn't been brilliant eating wise, or gym-wise. I've been swamped at work and some days have worked 9am to 11pm so the gym routine has severely suffered, and there was one day when I ate 12 points worth of chocolate chip muffins and a 6.5 point pizza on top of my daily allowance, but this weekend I have really tried at the gym.

Saturday I did:
Spinning class
Body Pump
Plus a lot of walking/shopping

Sunday I did:
Body Balance
5k on the treadmill (a new personal record of 34m 35 seconds)
Body Pump

Plus yesterday I saved a couple of points, and today I'm on course to do the same, so hopefully I can save tomorrow's WW weigh-in.

Hope everyone else is having a good week!