Sunday, 22 March 2009

20lbs down...before and during pics

So this week for BLBE I had a 2lb loss, which takes me officially into ONEderland!

I was cutting it close, at 199.8!!

So, to celebrate 20lbs down, I'm going to try before and after pics. I'm having trouble getting them to resize the same so there's a good comparison, but here goes.


20lbs down (apologies my shirt rode up while I wasn't looking!):

I do see a difference, but it's weird...I don't feel like there's THAT much of a difference...I think I'm going to definitely have to do more than the 55lbs I was aiming for....I can't imagine 35lbs more will get me to the shape I want now.

Ok, off to the gym!


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

baked courgette sticks...

So...I have been inspired.

Rebecca writes one of my favourite blogs to read, and it was through her recent recipe post that I discovered baked zucchini sticks.

If you haven't discovered Gina's weight watchers recipes blog, or these in particular, then it's a must. Her recipes all look soooo amazing and I spent a good hour or so looking through them last night.

Tonight, I am embarking on my own attempt at baked zucchini sticks. Delicious! My only regret is that I made these about 5 points, and I only had 2.5 points for the day left, so I've only been able to eat half! The other half is sitting on top of the oven still and calling my name just a little!

And this was Sunday's breakfast just for fun:

2 x quorn sausages (2 points)
2 x ww bread (1.5 points)
grilled tomatoes (0 points)
2 x poached eggs (3 points)
butter spread (1 points) for a total of 7.5 points

Sunday, 1 March 2009

C25K success

So...I have fallen a little off the wagon food-wise, but my C25K 25 minute run without stopping was brilliant. I actually ran for 40 minutes without stopping...40 minutes!

40 minutes!!

I almost still can't believe that! The 25 minutes came and went and I wasn't dying so I kept going, and going and going, and probably would have gone to 45 minutes if the gym hadn't closed. I can't believe how quickly that's come around since the thought of running 5 minutes straight scared me just a few weeks ago!

Tomorrow is another weigh-in day, and I don't know if I can count on a loss after last week's staying the same, but I'm going to do the fast start starting tomorrow so definitely by the following Monday we'll be seeing some results!

G'night all