Monday, 22 March 2010

Moving to daily weigh-ins (Monday’s eats 22.03.2010)

I’m going to weigh-in daily.  I’ve been feeling like once I weigh in on the Monday I have a couple days to be a bit more lenient with before I have to buckle down and it’s just not a productive process.

So Monday’s weigh-in: still 195lbs

Monday’s eats:


Green smoothie (2.5 points)

  • banana
  • ice
  • 250ml milk
  • maca
  • spinach

Protein pancakes (1.5 points)

  • brown rice protein powder (0.5 points)
  • egg whites
  • agave nectar (1 points)

mid-morning snack:

blood orange (0.5 points)


tofu pita (6.5 points)

humuus (1.5 points)

afternoon snack:

mini babybel (1 point)

apple (0.5 points)


veggie pasta (4.5 points)

  • pasta
  • quark
  • chipotle salsa
  • pasatta
  • spinach
  • courgette
  • sweetcorn

Laughing cow extra light (0.5 points)

Total: 19 points

Activity: nothing specific, but I walked quite a bit this evening shopping and to and from and the tube station!

Water: 96 oz

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