Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Pizza Party

Did you guess the secret ingredient I picked up over the weekend inspired by Carrots n Cake and Healthy Tipping Point?



And the best part? This whole thing (5.5pts) was only 51p…51p!

I sliced up 2pts worth and grilled them.  Then I added some passata, mushrooms and spinach and topped with 3 Babybel light cheeses for a grand total of a 5pt pizza.


This was actually pretty good – I didn’t know what to expect with polenta but it wasn’t half bad.  51p can’t be beaten either but next time I’m going to try making polenta fries.  I tried a piece of the polenta before I added the sauce and toppings and it was crispy and delicious.  Once it had sat in the sauce for a while it lost some of that crispiness so next time I’m definitely going to maximise the crispy potential!

QOTD: Have you ever tried polenta? Got any good recipes?

- CJ

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