Saturday, 3 April 2010

Saturday 03.04.2010

Weigh-in: 191.2lbs



Green smoothie (2.5 points)

  • banana
  • ice
  • 250ml milk
  • maca
  • spinach

post-workout snack:

half a banana (0.5 point)

laughing cow wedge (0.5 point)


tuna mayo pita (5 points)

red pepper

baby tomatoes

mid-afternoon snack:

homemade apple sauce with honey and pumpkin spice (1 point)

custard (2 points)

kale chips

carrot fries

hummus and pita (3.5 points)


salmon (4.5)

stirfry veggies

reese’s peanut butter egg (3 points)

Total: 22.5 points

Activity: Body Pump

Water: 72oz + chamomile tea  + sleepytime tea

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