Sunday, 4 April 2010

Return of binge eating?

I want to call tonight’s snacking a binge but I’m honestly not sure it can be classified as that.

For two weeks exactly I’ve been tracking my weight daily, went over points only once, have been running according to my training schedule and even attending Body Pump once or twice a week.

So what trigged tonight’s snacking? I really don’t know.  I know that I didn’t want to eat my final reese’s egg so I tried to occupy myself elsewhere.  Unfortunately, that occupying included three pitas, hummus, veggie soup and a nakd bar.

A typical binge would have involved going to the store and buying cheese-y pasta or pizza, a white bread sandwich to eat while the pizza/pasta cooked, a bag of cheese puffs and a box of rocky road bites. At a guess? Maybe 4,000 calories?

Tonight’s snacks – maybe 700 calories? And it didn’t have the same binge characteristics as normal – I weighed out 1 point of hummus.  I chopped cabbage and onions and made zero point soup.  The reese’s egg was brought out of the freezer, defrosted and put BACK into the freezer. I drank 24oz of water before the second pita.

Could I actually have just been hungry? I typically don’t eat my activity points and this week I’ve done Body Pump and run 7 miles so in all honesty, those 8.5 points of tonight’s snacking are probably covered through activity points.

Am I wrongly justifying my actions tonight? Or am I actually in an okay place right now with my eating, activity and even my attempts at bingeing?

- CJ

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