Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday 12.04.2010

Weigh-in: 194 (1.8 gain from last week – I’m blaming TOM)



green smoothie (3 points – damn bigger banana!)

  • banana
  • maca
  • 250ml milk
  • spinach
  • ice

morning snack:

apple (0.5 points)


whole wheat wrap (2.5 points)

hummus (1.5 points)

roasted courgette, yellow pepper and quarter of a red onion

salad of romaine, baby tomatoes, red pepper and quarter of a red onion with honey mustard dressing (0.5 points)

afternoon snack:

honey and yogurt (2.5 points)


pesto and mozzarella quorn cutlet (4.5 points)

sweet potato (2.5 points)


salsa (0.5 points)

evening snack:

wholemeal english muffin (2.5 points)

jam (0.5 points)

peanut butter (1.5 points)

Total:  22 points

Activity: went for a walk after work (up to 8,300 steps for the day)

Water: 72oz

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