Thursday, 29 January 2009

all kinds of thrown...

So Saturday I was one pound away from the 10lb mark

By Monday, I was at 209, and in my excitement I booked my haircut for tonight. Well, today I'm back at 211, so technically shouldn't have got my haircut but I is that cheating? I'm hoping that tomorrow I'm back at 210 at least and today was just a freak gain...

However, for the sake of the A-Team I am going to report what my weightloss was of today, and stick to my Thursday weigh-in rule.

So, I am down 1.2lbs this week, and while it's no Biggest Loser ranch-style loss, at least it's a loss.

Hope the rest of the A-Team is picking up my slack!!!


1 comment:

  1. 1.2lbs is freaking awesome!! As opposed to me, whose period cost my loss to only be 0.6lbs. Oh well---hopefully that indicates a bigger loss next week.