Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rewards and bullying

1) I need to rethink my reward system now that I purchased my running shoes. The plan for using them as a reward was to make sure the running was really something I was sticking to before I made the investment, but that wasn't going to work if I wasn't able to do the running in the first place - hence the buying of the shoes.

2) I feel like my little nike+ mini is making fun of me with all her 'i'm a running power machine' quotes above my measley ONE workout so far. I'm going to need to stick to this running thing just so I don't feel bullied by a widget!

So, what is a good 10lb weight loss reward?




  1. Hmmm ... a 10lb reward ...
    How about 1000 calories worth of carrot sticks??? LOL!!!
    I actually have made downloads my rewards for each 10 pounds. I'm ADDICTED to downloading new MP3s but I'm not "allowed" to unless I'm losing. For 5 pounds I can download 5 new single songs ... for 10 I can go for a whole album :)

  2. ten pounds is a lot of weight, so i would splurge if I was you , perhaps buy a new top or work out accessory for working out ?