Monday, 19 January 2009

Fortnight of doom

My week of work related doom is turning into a fortnight of doom, but I'm surviving, and the scales are going down slowly. I just don't think all this stress is good for my fat loss...I don't want my cortisol levels causing my tummy fat to stick around!!!

So I was a little disappointed at my WW weigh-in this evening. I actually felt fat if that makes sense, just bloated a bit which obviously doesn't help, but hey-ho. It was a loss afterall.

Plus I took my frustration out at the gym - which is always a healthy response. Except I forgot my little ipod reciever thingy, and I'll be damned if I'm putting the effort into running when my little icon over there isn't going to show it!

So instead, I did 31 minutes on the treadclimber - I love that machine. It's a treadmill cut in half lengthwise and the sides go up and down as you walk, and boy does it puff you 31 minutes it said I burned off 400 calories. Awesome!

Eating wise,

Bagel, cream cheese and salmon (4 points)
Parsnip and bacon soup (4 points)
WW quiche with spinach and tomato salad (6 points)

Which is the minimum for the day - how am I only eating the minimum???

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  1. Great job at the gym!! I want to try out one of those treadclimbers!