Monday, 2 February 2009

C25K - week 4

I almost, ALMOST talked myself out of going to the gym tonight.

I remember from last week that week 4 was quite a scary week on the C25K programme, but I made it to the gym only to realise that I'd not actually written down what I needed to do. Luckily, they have free internet access in the lobby, and I borrowed a pen from the receptionist and now have it written on my hand!

I again almost talked myself out of it even when I was on the treadmill. I just didn't want to speed up from my walking pace at all.

The worry in advance was SOOOOO much worse than the actual running! Last week 3 minutes was pushing me and I didn't know how I'd manage not only with two 3 minute runs, but also two 5 minute runs PLUS less walking time in between. But you know what? I actually enjoyed it! I didn't even use my power song for the first two runs.

Almost makes up for my overeating since Friday! Not really, but we can't all be perfect 100% of the time!

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  1. Congrats on the run!! I WILL get there too one day. But for now, it's wii fit for me all the way! :D