Saturday, 10 January 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to those of you from Team-A who have stopped by my blog and commented. As someone who is new to this blogging thing, it's really nice to get comments!!

Today I ventured out into the -3 weather to get new running shoes that would work with my nike+ sensor and I AM IN LOVE. The ones I chose were relatively cheap compared to the others they offer, but still kind of a lot for someone who is not actually a runner - yet.

I started off at week 1 of C25k again as I haven't been since Sunday last week, so was jogging 60 seconds, walking for 90 seconds. At 20 minutes in, which is where the workout is supposed to end, SOS by Rihanna came on to my ipod. Clearly, God was intervening as this turned out to be my perfect running speed song. So I cranked the treadmill back up to running speed. And when the song ended I felt like maybe I could keep going, so I started the song over and ran for 5 minutes straight. Damn it felt good. All in all, I did 45 minutes on the treadmill (my little nike+ widget on the side there doesn't count the time I took trying to calibrate her - but I love her anyways). So 45 minutes, 3km, 5 minutes of straight running, 1 minute SPRINTING at about the 35 minute mark and apparently 348 calories burned and I feel FABULOUS!!



  1. Way to go!!!!! I can't wait until I'm able to run for more than a minute or two at a time, too!

    Go Team Angie!!!

  2. Way to go!! I LOVE Rihanna!! She has some kick butt running songs!!