Sunday, 15 February 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Went to see Slumdog Millionaire tonight and it certainly lived up to expectations. It was fantastic. So pretty, such a good soundtrack, and the child actors were brilliant.

I saw Dev Patel on a chat show the other night and he pointed out that the gameshow host pronounces mill-Ionaire, as mill-onaire, which I then noticed EVERY time the word was said! I also loved the dance track at the end. Bollywood/India has such great dance routines. Anyone know if there is a Bollywood-style workout video? That would be fun!

So, dinner tonight was a high point one. I marinated a tuna steak in soy sauce, garlic and red chilli and baked sweet potato fries that I had coated in 1 point of garlic olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika. The portion was huge, and at 6 points just for the giant potato, I probably should have saved some of it...but damn it was too good to do that! Peas, brocolli and sugarsnaps on the side made this a perfect and filling pre-movie theatre dinner. The photo is making me hungry!

Oh, and I did my half hour on the treadmill: day 1 of week 5 of c25k before bodypump. Unfortunately, I think the combination of such a good run yesterday, and more running today meant that I couldn't get in the zone for bodypump. I took a bunch of water breaks, actually leaving the class between tracks and felt myself switching to lighter weights than I'd used for the same tracks last week. Oh was still an hour spent sweating and toning muscles!

g'night xoxo

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  1. Isn't that movie great!?! Hubby wouldn't let me stay for all of the dance stuff, but I stayed as long as I could. That WOULD be a great workout video!