Saturday, 21 February 2009

Fish, chips and peas and 5 miles

Today was C25K, week 5 day 3 - the dreaded 20 minute run.

I seriously procrastinated this one until 7:30pm. I think I was hoping the gym shuts early on a Friday night, but deep down I know it doesn't. I finally dragged my ass to the treadmill and about half way through my warm-up I decided maybe I'd do the two 8-minute runs again instead.

But I didn't! I survived the 20 minute run, and not only did I survive that 20 minutes, I stayed on the treadmill for a full hour and ten minutes total. Granted, I did not run much of the second half hour, just a few minutes here and there when the song got me going, but I really wanted to see if I could go 5 miles...and I did!

I truly am so proud of myself for running for the 20 minutes straight. My blisters are SORE, and I've rubbed off the magical 'second skin' treatment that I was using, so tomorrow might have to be a proper rest day, but it was well worth it to accomplish my 20 minute run.

I've never, in my life, run for that long straight...and although this is maybe the third time I've started the C25K programme, this is the furthest I've ever gotten.

And damn it feels good!

I celebrated with a healthy version of fish, chips and peas. Loosely translated as hake in a seeded breadcrumb...there's whole sunflower seeds in there! Oven-baked, no battering and frying here!

That was served with some mashed potato, with carrot and swede and some more of my trusty green vegetable medley. The picture was taken before I poured ketchup all over the beautiful fish!

I'm off to watch one more episode of the wire and then bed...g'night all



  1. This looks DELICIOUS!!!!! Haha, makes me HUNGRY! I'm sooo happy for you accomplishing that run. It's soo wonderful what our bodies can do when we put them to the test. I think you are doing sooo wonderfully and am glad that you found my blog and I found yours. 20 minutes is a long time and hopefully it'll be no time at all when you think that's easy-peasy and will be running 1 hour at a time!