Saturday, 21 February 2009

Heaven is chocolate...and brownies...

There's an advert here, for butter mind you, that says something about making Saturday mornings about breakfast...and I totally agree. I meant to get eggs last night as I was really thinking poached eggs on toast would be a wonderful breakfast, but I forgot so all I had in the house was my porridge.

I like my porridge normally, with some fruit it's perfectly satisfactory but this morning I just wasn't feeling it. I wanted a brownie pot - and once I'd gotten that idea into my head it wasn't going anywhere!

So instead, I made 2.5 points worth of porridge, mixed it with a brownie pot and got this delicious 5 point chocolate, brownie porridge - heavenly!

Lunch was the second seeded hake fillet, with mashed potato and grilled vegetables - I inhaled it before it was photographed, guess that chocolate porridge didn't tide me over as well as my usual fruit version!

I did almost 5k on the treadmill today. No running, as I thought I needed a rest day after yesterday's 20 minutes. I wanted to do a full 5k but the gym closed at 7:30 and I'd already stayed until 7:32 so I had to stop at 43 minutes and 37 seconds. They wouldn't even let me make it a round 45 minutes!

Then dinner was tuna, coriander and lime fishcake with a salad of lettuce, sweetcorn and tomatoes with a sweet chilli dressing. I had high hopes for the fishcake but instead of the tuna steak chunks I was imagining it was just grey in the middle and by the taste of it, it could have just been a potato cake. Oh time I'll stick to my hake.

I'm going to try and watch the Bourne Identity as I've never watched any of those movies, but 37 minutes in I'm already losing track...I'm useless!

I really don't want tomorrow to be Sunday because that means Monday is right around the corner...I've REALLY enjoyed having this week off from work...I don't want to go back! I want to stay at home, doing my own thing, making it to the gym and having time to cook and photograph fun, healthy meals. Work sucks!

g'night all


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