Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I lost a point :(

So...my weightwatchers weigh in was good. I lost 2lbs, which means I'm now down from 24 points daily allowance to just 23. I'm a little bit sad to say goodbye to that extra point...but if it helps with the weightloss then I'm all for it.

I get a little confused because my weightwatchers weigh in is on Monday evenings and my starting weight was a pound higher than the starting weight I'd used for my blbe weigh ins, which I've continued to do first thing Thursday so while the numbers are all a little different, I've stuck to the two separate weigh in times and I think it helps to keep me motivated knowing that a weigh in day is never more than a few days away!

My weightwatchers leader/helper person is a bit of a nut job and cannot do simple math. To the point that EVERY week she gets my total weight lost wrong. She told everyone I lost 4lbs this week, which is a lie. If she could do a little better with that math she'd see that it was a 2lb loss. Whatever, stupid woman!

So breakfast this morning was porridge with half a point of blueberries.

My porridge pics are not nearly as pretty as everyone else's. I must be missing a trick!

Lunch was vegetable chilli soup, which I didn't get a picture of. Followed by two ryvita with chicken, spinach and sweet chilli sauce.

Dinner was pizza express, where again I went for the 12 point Padana. Goats cheese, spinach and carmelised red onions. Delicious!

My goals for this week are:
Make it to the gym at least 4 times
Organise my bedroom
Clean the kitchen/living room
Get to the post office (I've had two packages waiting to go out since Christmas!)
Stick to my 23 points :(
Drink 2 liters of water each day

We'll see how I do. This is my first week of goals!

g'night all