Sunday, 26 July 2009

A new PDR and the chocolate challenge

I smoked the chocolate challenge - that little bar that I wanted to make last 4 days, lasted a whole week! I ate the last two squares last night.

Amy's weekly challenge was to outline our long-term and short-term goals and rewards.

My long-term goal is to reach my goal weight - 165lbs which at 5 ft 9 puts me at the top end of the healthy BMI. My reward then is going to be to spend my Christmas bonus that I've been saving this whole time!

Short-term, I've broken my rewards into 5lb increments. I'm a half pound away from hitting 30lbs down so here's what the next 5 rewards will look like!

Hitting 30lbs lost - The fourth Twilight book
Hitting 35lbs lost - A food processor/blender
Hitting 40lbs lost - New workout outfit
Hitting 45lbs lost - Subscription to a health magazine
Hitting 50lbs lost - Massage and pedicure

Also, today I hit a new personal distance record, running 7 miles. My knees are feeling a little sore, in fact once I stopped the running they felt like they weren't connected to my legs! So I'm going to go to the gym and sit in the sauna, relax in the pool to loosen them up a bit.

I've run a total of 16 miles this week, which I'm really pleased with, plus two days on the bike, and a body balance class. The body balance class was where I really saw the difference in my body since I started back in January. I was really able to see a difference in my arm strength - it was super cool!


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  1. wow! Great job on making the chocolate last, that is a huge accomplishment!