Saturday, 18 July 2009

Workout Wednesday and the Weekly Challenge

First of all, my weigh-in is on Wednesdays and this week sucked hardcore. I gained two pounds. I was really pissed off at the time but I only have myself to blame since I did eat about 8 cupcakes over the course of Sunday/Monday. Monday's were at least in my daily points budget but Sunday's certainly weren't.

So, another week - onwards and upwards!

First of all, Amy challenged us to eat clean for one whole day

So, breakfast was 2 hardboiled eggs

followed by a little serving of cheese

Recycled photo but my mid-morning snack was pineapple

Lunch was spiralized zuchinni with sundried tomato pesto, chicken, red pepper and corn

For dinner I was planning on cooking up some vegetables, white fish and brown rice but the white fish just didn't want to cook for some reason. I threw in the wok 3 chopped portobella mushrooms, a chopped onion, chopped frozen spinach and cooked through. By this time, the rice was cooked but the fish was looking nowhere near done and I was hungry so I threw the rice in the wok too. It was looking a little grey (stupid mushrooms discolouring everything!) so I threw in a chopped tomato and some chopped up yellow pepper.

The fish became whitefish, sweet potato, corn fishcakes the following night - I wasn't thrilled but they were edible...

THEN, Amy challenged us to 20 minutes running for workout wednesday

Now, I can't take my camera out with me - I already run with my keys in one hand and my water bottle in the other. But you want proof that I ran?


Last Saturday I announced that I was going to be more accountable. These were my weekly goals

1) 6 mile run on Sunday + 2 runs (tuesday and thursday per my half-marathon programme)
2) track my food and plan my meals so I eat not only healthy foods but stick to my financial budget
3) drink 8 glasses of water each day
4) 2 other workouts/classes at the gym

I managed the running and I did do a spinning class on Monday and my very first power plates class this morning but the food didn't get tracked and I went over my points on quite a few days. Similarly, my water intake wasn't up to par on all 7 days either.

This week I'm having the same goals all over again and I'm going to do them that much better!


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