Sunday, 19 July 2009

Chocolate challenge

I wrote a comment on priorfatgirl's blog on her struggle with dealing with the fact that the healthy eating lifestyle is FOREVER and it got me thinking.

I have issues with certain foods, like nut butters, chocolate, icecream - pretty much anything that's bad to eat in massive quantities. My trick so far has been not to buy them, not to keep them in the house but I realised on reading Jen's post that I don't want to never be able to buy almond butter or chocolate ever again.

My chocolate challenge has been to buy a mini chocolate bar - 227 calories of really dark chocolate and to keep it in the house without scoffing the lot.

Last night I ate one row - three squares

Tonight, I'll do the same, and the bar will last (if successful) for four whole days.

And I WILL be successful!

- CJ

1 comment:

  1. THat is a great plan. I think it can work and you'll savor every bite of chocolate!!!