Wednesday, 26 August 2009

highs and lows of running

On Sunday I ran 10 miles - I was particularly excited about this PDR because 10 is just a cool number.

It also took me only 3 minutes longer than my 9 mile run last weekend. Mostly because I started out running with my younger brother who is super fit and training for the army. He finished the 10 miles as I started on mile 7...not cool! But I managed to maintain almost race pace for the full 10 miles and that was without all the adrenaline from race day. I'm now secretly hoping to finish in 2 and a half hours, whereas last week I was happy with under 2:45!

Today however, my 5 mile run was anything but joyous. I had new workout clothes (new running tights and a new dry-fit top) but not even they got me going. My training schedule wanted 12 minute miles, but I averaged 12:13 including 3 walking breaks. I just couldn't get into it and it was really disheartening.

Now, with a couple hours hindsight I've recalled all the reasons why, and they're all significant so I need to stop beating myself up about it!
1) I had a crappy dinner last night of chicken patties and bagels
2) I drank very little water yesterday and none before or during this morning's run
3) I decided against a pre-run snack because it was before 6am
4) My ipod appears to have died so I was music-less

The ipod is a MASSIVE factor, because I never run without music and a full hour of running with no music is probably too much to expect. So I'm going to put aside that today was a crappy running day (it wasn't even that crappy! I need to stop beating myself up about it!) and just consider that my 4 mile run later this week will be fabulous!!

- CJ

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