Sunday, 16 August 2009

Another PDR

This morning's long run? 9 miles!


And I didn't walk once - although I did have to stop at a couple roads to wait for a break in traffic, but living in central london that can't be helped.

After forking out BIG money for my very own Garmin - I've since discoverd that I actually keep perfect pace all by myself. Go figure!

My 5 mile run on Tuesday was supposed to be at an average of 12 minute miles according to runners world. Since I've been obsessing about paces ever since I bought the pesky Garmin, I decided this week I'd only check my pace once and only when my ipod said I was halfway done time-wise. I did the same thing on today's 9 mile run and here are my results.

5 mile run on Tuesday
Expected: 12 minute mile average
Actual: 11:52 minute mile average

9 mile run on Sunday
Expected: 12:30 minute mile average
Actual: 12:24 minute mile average

How close are those averages? And even cooler? I was faster!

My 7 mile run almost a month ago, I did 13:23 minute mile I can't even believe that I'm running miles a minute faster even when I'm running 2 extra miles...craziness!

And the part of my body that hurts the most? My toes! My two big toes are not happy - I just hope my toenails stay put. I've heard running horror stories about big toenails!

- CJ


  1. Holy cannoli--9 miles without stopping once? That is amazing! Re: toes...I think you read it on my blog already, but look into bigger running shoes. I just found out that it the #1 cause of blackened, achy toes!

  2. 9 miles? Holy canoli, that is incredible! You are totally inspirational!!!!!!! I have never attempted to do that, you ROCK!

  3. Hi there,
    I responded on my blog but I wanted to say thank you for your comment. Intersting point about the Cooper Test being for athletes. I ran just under 2100m. So thanks for that info, you just boosted the ego a bit ;)