Thursday, 21 May 2009

Green Monsters

I have been eyeing up the Green Monster idea I first saw on Leah's blog, and have seen popping up elsewhere recently.

After an early morning 5k run last week I threw together a mini carton of rice milk, spinach, ice, and a small banana and to be honest it was quite delicious. Unfortunately, my little hand blender wasn't quite up to the task, and once or twice I did find an entire spinach leaf, still whole, floating up to the surface.

Since this morning I had no hope of time to make anything for breakfast (I even forgot to pick up my hardboiled eggs as I ran out the door), I grabbed this equally looking green smoothie from the store on my way in.

1 pressed apple, quarter of a pressed pineapple, 1 crushed kiwi, 5 pressed grapes, a squeeze of fresh lime, plus a dash of spinach and nettle extract.

It was good and I love the ingredient list.

At only 2 points per bottle, I also had 1 point worth of apple pieces and grapes which tided me over relatively well, but the lack of fats and protein is kicking in hard and my stomach is making particularly loud growling noises so I'm off in search of lunch!

- CJ

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