Sunday, 3 May 2009


So BLBE is over - all 16 weeks.

I started at 220, and am now 196.6, so have lost a grand total of 23.4lbs. Not spectacular if you consider the average per week, or compare it to the show, but a respectable amount none the less.

I've also taken up running, and since I started in January, when I had severe issues running for 3 minutes at a time, I can now run for an hour non-stop. Yesterday, I ran 5k in 34 minutes. Followed by another 5k today. I've learned to run on a treadmill, but for the past week have been trying it outdoors. I thought the hills, the sun, the wind, the bugs (yesterday I almost swallowed 2!) would make it so much harder, but the first attempt at outside running I ran for 10k. It was brilliant.

So, five months into my healthy new years resolution I'm a runner, and I'm no longer obese...I don't think you could ask for much more.

So a big thank you to Angie and Lynn for hosting the competition and here's to the next 5 months on this journey!

- CJ

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  1. You've done an awesome job during BLBE!

    I sooooo want to like running, but it just isn't in me yet. I'm hoping that getting a treadmill will change my mind.