Sunday, 10 January 2010

Eat like a food blogger

Yesterday, I started my morning with a bowl of Kerf-inspired oats which consisted of 1/2 cup of oats (p.s. I just discovered that UK and US cups are different sizes – so annoying!) and a cup of almond milk cooked on the stove top with half a ripe banana.  It’s topped with the other half of the banana and a teaspoon of almond butter. 

On the side, Indian spice chai – cloves and cardamom and cinnamon, yum!


After breakfast and some cleaning, I ran 2.5 miles in the freezing cold, dodging snow and ice and then did some shopping.

Lunch was protein pancakes courtesy of Heather Eats Almond Butter, which I made with a scoop of my berry smoothie protein powder, egg whites, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder.  My first attempt wasn’t pretty, mainly because I ignored the advice and made one GIANT pancake, but it still tasted good and was topped with another teaspoon of almond butter and some agave.

I LOVE the protein pancake idea, particularly since the berry smoothie protein powder is GROSS as a smoothie but somehow as a pancake it’s delicious.

Not gonna lie, I went back for a second batch and this time made two pancakes out of the batter and they were even better. Topped them with just agave since I have an almond butter problem!

Dinner was salmon with stir-fried veggies.

Breakfast this morning was a Fitnessista breakfast cookie, which I made with 1/2 a cup of oats, a scoop of vanilla soya protein powder, a teaspoon of almond butter, a splash of almond milk and a mashed banana.

Lunch was a can of Amy's Black Bean soup – another Whole Foods find from my trip on Friday night.  Yes I shop at Whole Foods on a Friday night – it’s a happy place and I’m a sucker for brown rice sushi!

Dinner tonight was baked salmon alongside a veggie-rific sauce of eggplant, mushroom, pepper, tomato, onion and leek served atop a mound of spaghetti squash.

Eating like a food blogger = good eats!

- CJ

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