Sunday, 17 January 2010

And she’s back

Today I knocked out five miles – I last hit that mileage during the half-marathon in September.  Granted, at times I wanted to die a little but I didn’t stop and I even looked down a couple of times to see the Garmin displaying some 10 or 11 minute miles which I was happy about.  I was fully expecting to be back at my 13 minute mile pace, but I’m actually running about the same speed as I was in June/July so hopefully I’m well on track to PR-ing at the half-marathon again this year.

5 miles – 61:38 minutes – 690 calories

Mile 1: 11:58

Mile 2: 12:19

Mile 3: 12:16

Mile 4: 12:38

Mile 5:12:30

I had an expensive trip to Whole Foods on Friday but scored some brown rice protein powder, vegetarian refried black beans, organic multi-grain tortillas, brown rice sushi x2, edamame, freshly ground peanut butter, medjool dates, oats, Amy's burrito x2 and some green veggie powder that I’m going to experiment with for green monsters. 

Weigh-in tomorrow.  I’m not feeling good about it – I had a proper binge day on Thursday involving one and a half Pret’s cheese and pickle baguettes, which is about 1,000 calories right there. 4 Millie’s cookies were also devoured, as well as a pot of hummus and carrots.

TMI warning!!

The next day my period arrived – hmmmm, wonder if there’s a hormonal link there?!

Catch ya for weigh-in.


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