Sunday, 22 March 2009

20lbs down...before and during pics

So this week for BLBE I had a 2lb loss, which takes me officially into ONEderland!

I was cutting it close, at 199.8!!

So, to celebrate 20lbs down, I'm going to try before and after pics. I'm having trouble getting them to resize the same so there's a good comparison, but here goes.


20lbs down (apologies my shirt rode up while I wasn't looking!):

I do see a difference, but it's weird...I don't feel like there's THAT much of a difference...I think I'm going to definitely have to do more than the 55lbs I was aiming for....I can't imagine 35lbs more will get me to the shape I want now.

Ok, off to the gym!



  1. I definitely see a difference in your thighs!! Keep it up girl. take it 1lb at a time, as you have been doing.